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Welcome to the EdTech Graveyard, a page to remember EdTech tools that have passed away. In addition to serving as a place to document departed tech tools, it will serve as a place to suggest alternatives to help as you mourn your loss.


Cel.ly was one of the first tools that provided a safe and convenient way for teachers to communicate with students and parents via text message. Cel.ly just never caught up with the momentum of their main competitor, Remind.

Alternatives to Cel.ly: Remind, ClassTag, Bloomz

Alternatives to Cel.ly

Alternative to ClassBadges


ClassBadges provided an all-in-one platform for issuing and managing digital badges. 

Alternative to ClassBadges: Badgr

Class Messenger

Similar to Cel.ly, class messenger just couldn’t gain the popularity of platforms like remind.

Alternatives to Class Messenger: Remind, ClassTag, Bloomz

Alternatives to Class Messenger


Dipity was an excellent, but short-lived, timeline maker.

Alternatives to Dipity: Timetoast, Timeline 3D

Alternatives to Dipity


FlipQuz was a much-needed replacement to making Jeopard-style review games with PowerPoint or Google Slides. 

Alternatives to FlipQuiz: eQuizShow, Flippity

Alternative to FlipQuiz

Alternative to ForAllRubrics


ForAllRubrics was a great paperless rubric system. With most LMSs rolling out their own digital rubrics the platform was shut down.

Alternatives to ForAllRubrics: Quick Rubric, Theme Spark


Geddit was one of my favorite student response tools, with great features to encourage students to “check-in” through class and let you know how they are feeling about what they’re learning. While I never got to write a post on it, Geddit was featured in several of my workshops.

Alternatives to Geddit: Socrative, Poll Everywhere, ClassroomQ, Mentimeter

Alternatives to Geddit

Google Expeditions and Google Tour Creator

Google surprised many educators when it pulled the plug on Expeditions and Tour Creator. Expeditions were a go-to for virtual field trips and all things AR/VR, while Tour Creator empowered teachers and students to create interactive 360 photos and virtual reality tours.

Alternatives to Google Expeditions and Tour Creator

Microsoft finally pulled the plug on this one in 2022. Now how are we supposed to download Chrome?

Alternative to Internet Explorer: Google Chrome

Alternatives to Infuse Learning

Infuse Learning

Infuse Learning was one of the first formative assessment/student response tools that allowed teachers to see student responses in real-time.

Alternative to Infuse Learning: Formative


Inklewriter – Inklewriter made creating choose-your-own-adventure books easy.

Alternatives to Inklewriter: Create Choose Your Own Adventure stories using Google Forms, Google Sheets, Keynote, or PowerPoint (tutorials coming soon).

Alternatives to Inklewriter


Newsjack was a fun tool that made it easy to change headlines on news sites and save the images.

Alternatives to NewsJack: Fodey, Break Your Own News

Alternatives to Newsjack


This tool allowed teachers to narrate their PowerPoint presentations, displaying the PowerPoint on one half of the screen, and the teacher’s webcam on the other half.

Alternatives to Present.me: Screencastify, Screencast-o-Matic

Alternatives to Present.me

Alternatives to Recite


Recite was one of the first sites I used regularly for quickly creating quote graphics.

Alternatives to Recite: Quozio, Adobe Spark Post, Quotes Cover

Alternativdes to SnippQR


SnippQR made QR Codes visually appealing. Users could customize QR code shapes and colors; additionally, you could incorporate an image into your QR code.

Alternatives to SnippQR: QR Code Monkey, Visulead

Alternatives to TitleCap


I’ve always struggled to remember capitalization rules for writing titles. TitleCap instantly took the text I entered and created a properly formatted title.

Alternatives to Title Cap: Capitalize My Title


The outcry on Twitter was unlike anything I’d seen in the EdTech community when everyone’s favorite backchannel decided to pull the plug. Fortunately, several good alternatives exist.

Alternatives to TodaysMeet: 7- Alternatives to TodaysMeet

Alternatives to TodaysMeet

Alternative to ToonDoo


ToonDoo was my favorite way to make comics until they abruptly shut down due to a data breach in 2019.

Alternative to ToonDoo: ToonyTool


TubeChop provided an incredibly easy way to clip and save portions of a YouTube video.

Alternative to TubeChop: SafeShareTV

Alternatives to TubeChop

URL Extender

URL Extender, a.k.a. UrlExt, allowed you to click one link that would open multiple tabs. I really liked using it with a QR code to open multiple tabs with one scan. 

Url Extender Alternatives: Bridge URL


Picture a screen split between a video on one side and a place to take notes on the other. Even better, the notes you typed were automatically linked to the time in the video when they were written. 

Alternative to VideoNot.es: YiNote, Vibby, VideoAnt

Alternative to VideoNot.es

Wordle Word Clouds


Don’t worry, it’s not that Wordle. Before Wordle was a global gaming phenomenon, most people associated the name with a word cloud generator. Although the site is still up, the generator hasn’t worked in years. 

Alternatives to Wordle.net: WordItOut, Tagxedo

Alternatives to Zooburst


Zooburst allowed students to create augmented reality pop-up books, providing a fun way to let students illustrate and share their writing.

Alternatives to Zooburst: Storybird, StoryJumper

Call for EdTech Obituaries

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