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Comic Maker - Toondoo

I’m going for a throwback of sorts with this one.  I’ve been using the comic maker Toondoo with students for years, but have recently had a few people ask about it.  It’s a fast and really easy way to create comic strips.  Drag, drop, click… it’s really that simple.
Once you’re done you can save it on Toondoo and make it public, private, or viewable by friends only.  You also have the option to print, share via email, copy a link to your Toondoo, or get an embed code to add to your blog or website.
Toondoo is free, but does require that you create an account.  They also offer Toondoo Spaces where you can create a private Toondoo space for your school starting at $63/yr. for 30 users.

Toondoo Examples from the Classroom

I’ve had students use it to make illustrated glossaries of vocabulary terms:

You can also use it for “create your own caption” contests:

Getting Started with ToonDoo

Toondoo is very easy to use.

First, students pick a layout:


Next they are given options for faces, bodies, facial expressions, backgrounds, captions, etc.

Students pick up on the user-friendly format quickly:


Fun + Creativity

Students enjoy using Toondoo and the level of creativity that it allows for is quite impressive.

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