My Top EdTech Picks of 2022

Here’s a look back at my top EdTech Picks of 2022. TikTok Template, How to Create Fake Text Animations, Make Your Own Wordle, An Awesome Font Generator, The Best Custom QR Code Maker.

TikTok Template for the Classroom

Perfect for Any Subject Area

Students just replace the placeholder images and text on this TikTok template for Google Slides to create a profile for nearly anything.

How to Create Fake Text Animations

What if fictional characters, historical figures, or even cell organelles could send text messages?  Now they can. It’s quick, easy, and no accounts are required. Just upload character images, add their names, and type their conversation. Learn how in just 90 seconds.

Make Your Own Wordle

Learn how to make your own Wordle, using words of any length, with just a few clicks. It’s a great way to challenge your students.

An Awesome Font Generator – Font Meme

Transform any text with popular fonts in seconds. It’s quick, easy, and free, with no log-in required. From products and video games to movies and TV shows, Font Meme’s Font Generators have you covered.

My Favorite QR Code Maker

A custom QR code maker – shapes, colors, logos. Templates, landing pages, and dynamic QR codes are included with free plans.

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