Flippity – Create Flash Cards, Review Games, Random Name Picker…

Flippity – Create Flash Cards, Review Games, Random Name Picker…


Flippity is a versatile set of tools that are quick and easy for teachers to use. Simply edit a Google Sheet template to create flashcards, review games, random name picker/group maker, and more.

What Can You Create with Flippity?Flippity

    • Flash Cards
    • Jeopardy Review Game
    • Typing Test
    • Random Name Picker
    • Spelling Words
    • Crossword Puzzle
    • Word Search
    • Badge Tracker
    • Bingo
    • Hangman
    • Progress Indicator
    • Memory Game
    • MadLibs
    • Mix & Match
    • Tournament Bracket
  • Certificate Quiz

Getting Started with FlippityGetting Started with Flippity

Each Flippity option offers three buttons to help you get started: Demo, Instructions, and Template. You can check out a sample demonstration to check out the features. A set of detailed instructions are offered for all templates, and of course you’ll need a template to edit.

Although each option has its own set of detailed instructions, they all follow the same four basic steps.

Step One: Modify the Google Spreadsheet Template.

You must be logged in to your Google account. Clicking on the template of any Flippity option will prompt you to make a copy of the document. Edit the Google sheet, being sure to NOT edit  any cell with a blue background. Rename your activity by changing the name of the “Demo” tab at the bottom of the sheet.

Copy the TemplateRename the Sheet

Step Two Publish Your spreadsheet.

Go to File, select Publish to the Web, then click Publish.

Publish to Web

Step Three: Get Your Flippity.net Link

Close the Publish to Web Box, then click on Get the Link Here tab at the bottom of your sheet.

Get Your Flippity Link

Step Four: Bookmark and Share

It’s a good idea to bookmark your creation so you can quickly access it later. Clicking Share at the bottom of the screen gives you options to copy the link, add it to Google Classroom, get a QR code, access an embed code, and a few other ways to share.

Share Flippity

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