Socrative – Bell Ringers, Exit Tickets, and Formative Assessment Made Easy

Bel Ringers, Exit Tickets, Formative Assessment Made Easy - Socrative


Socrative has become the most common way that I begin and end a class.  I can quickly gather feedback, assess understanding, or take a poll with just a few quick clicks.  Students can respond from virtually an internet enabled device using a browser or a smartphone app, making it the perfect formative assessment tool or 1:1 or BYOD classrooms.  The best part is that no student accounts are required.

I like the ease with which I’m able to write in a question to review the previous day’s material at the start of class using the Quick Question feature.  I can choose from True/False, Multiple Choice, or short answer.

Quick Question

I click on Exit Ticket at the end of class and students are asked to rate how well they understood today’s material, tell me what they learned, and “answer the teacher’s question” (giving me the opportunity to ask a relevant question on the spot).

Socrative also offers the ability to create quizzes, and use a collaborative “Space Race” game.  You can view student responses in real time and access detailed reports of student progress.

Sample Whole Class Report

Socrative is incredibly easy to use, but they also offer a series of how-to videos and a comprehensive User Guide (the source of the screen shots for this post).

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