Fodey – turn textboxes into cool animations, images, talking plants & animals

Turn Textboxes into Cool Animations, Images, Talking Plants & Animals


Fodey is a simple website that allows you to create some cool things just by filling in textboxes.

What can you make with Fodey?

Want to make your writing look more official?  How about a newspaper clipping?

Does your blog or website need a ninja or wizard to spell something out for you?

Have you ever wanted a talking squirrel?  Why not a cat? Flower? Tomato? Owl?

Create your own Animation

Saving and Sharing Your Images

Images, like the clapperboard shown here and the newspaper above can all be saved to your computer by clicking a link.  The ninja, wizard, talking plants and animals provide HTML embed codes to put into your blog or website.  Just type into the text-boxes on the site and download your image or copy and paste the code.

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