Take Time-Stamped Notes While Watching YouTube Videos

Take Time-Stamped Notes While Watching YouTube Videos

I frequently take notes when watching videos but often find it difficult to go back to the point in a video to which a specific note refers. Video Notes was my go-to tool for taking time-stamped video notes, but it has since been retired to the EdTech Graveyard. Recently, I found a great replacement with YiNote

Take Time Stamped Notes

YiNote is the perfect tool for taking notes while watching YouTube videos. YiNote’s Chrome Extension automatically time-stamps your notes as you take them. You don’t even need to pause the video: just start typing.

Watch Your Notes

When you look back over your notes, just click what you wrote and you’ll be returned to that exact spot in the video. YiNote is a real-time saver and also provides a great way to create a hyperlinked table of contents for videos you share with students. 

Time Stamped Video Notes

Export Your Notes

Saved notes open in a side window when clicking the extension, or you can view all of your notes by clicking on the settings wheel in the extension window. This full-screen view of your notes includes a screenshot of the point in the video that corresponds with each note. In addition to one-click access to points in the video, this page also allows you to annotate screenshots, edit and delete notes, and export your notes to Google Docs, OneNote, Evernote, or as a PDF. 

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