An Interactive Timeline Maker That Works on Any Device

An Interactive Timeline Maker That Works on Any Device


Looking for a Timeline Maker for Your Students?

With several timeline makers to choose from, Timetoast has consistently been one of my favorites. The timeline editor is incredibly easy to use.  Another useful feature not found in all timeline makers is the ability to add BCE/BC dates. Timetoast doesn’t have an app, but it doesn’t really need to. It works great using a browser on any device.

Make a TimelineTimeline Maker - Add Details

Get started by filling in your timeline details.

  • Provide a Title
  • Choose a Publish Status: The default setting is “Draft”; you’ll need to change this to “Public” if you want to share a link to your timeline with others.
  • Choose a Category (optional): Categories make it easier for people to find public timelines.
  • Upload a Photo (optional)

Add an Event

  • Provide a Title: limited to 250 characters.
  • Enter a Description (optional): limited to 500 characters.
  • Enter the Event’s Date
  • Upload a Photo (optional)


AAdd a Timeline Eventdd a Timespan

Timespans are for events that happened over a period of time. They give you the ability to add start and end dates for your event.

Include a Link

Adding links to an event is a great way to provide additional information for viewers. To add a link you have to enter the link’s text (what you want to appear) inside of square brackets, immediately followed by the URL you are linking to inside of curly brackets. For example, entering [Follow Me on Twitter} {} will result in a link like this: Follow Me on Twitter. The link will still appear just like you entered it while in the editor, but don’t worry it will show up correctly when you view your timeline.

Add a Link to a Timeline

Viewing and Sharing Timelines

Timetoast provides two modes for viewing timelines. Just toggle the switch below your timeline between Timeline or List to choose how a timeline is displayed.

Timeline View: This is your traditional horizontal timeline. Each event is displayed by title and date with a small image. Clicking on the event pulls up the details with a larger picture.

Timeline View

List View: Each event’s full details are displayed in a large format down the page, similar to how posts are displayed in Google Plus.

Timeline in List View


Clicking on the More button above your timeline allows you to preview your timeline or print it. The List View is used to produce a concise printable version of your timeline.

Print Your Timeline


Public timelines can be shared with a link or directly to social media. I’ve always had students turn in the link to their timelines.

Share Your Timeline

Paid Accounts

Free accounts offer a lot of great features, but Basic and Pro accounts provide additional capabilities and are ad free. Paid users can embed timelines, collaborate on timelines, create groups and moderate comments. The Basic account (currently $5.99 / month) allows you to add 5 users to your account, while the Pro account (currently $8.99 / month) allows you to add 35 users to your account. You are given the ability to limit the web-publishing abilities of your additional users.

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