ClassroomQ: A Better Way to Ask and Manage Questions

A Simple Solution to a Common Classroom Problem

“Wouldn’t it be cool if students didn’t have to raise their hands and wait when they needed help and could just hit a button?”

“What if the teachers then knew the exact order of the students that they needed to assist?”

After posing these two questions, teachers Kyle and Dan created a simple solution to a common classroom problem.

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The ease of use and simplicity of design are what really make ClassroomQ stand out. After creating an account, teachers can start a class session with one click.

Students join the session by going to, enter their teacher’s name and class code. They can then ask for assistance and will be added to the teacher’s queue with the push of a button. They can also see how many students are ahead of them at any time.

ClassroomQ Assistance Button

Teachers see an ordered list of student requests along with any optional comments that students may have provided. Simply clicking on a student’s name removes them from the list.

ClassroomQ Teacher Queue

A Better Workflow

ClassroomQ can play an important role in the workflow of the student-centered classroom. Students requesting help no longer have to sit with their hands up, doing nothing for extended periods of time. Teachers can give their full attention to the student(s) they are working with, knowing that other students have been acknowledged.

ClassroomQ Accounts

Free accounts are limited to a maximum of five students in the queue at one time (which should be plenty for most classrooms). Paid accounts ($19.99/yr.) are unlimited and also offer the ability to view who has checked in to a class along, and the option to download data from each class session.

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