Getting Started with Pear Deck for Google Slides

Learn everything you need to get started making interactive presentations using Pear Deck for Google Slides in under seven minutes. Pear Deck is a formative assessment powerhouse. It provides an easy way to check for understanding by adding questions to your existing Google Slides presentations.

Pear Deck Quick Start Guide

Watch the whole video, or click on any timestamp below to go directly to that topic.

  • Sign Up for a Free Account 0:09
  • Install the Pear Deck Add On 0:27
  • Open the Pear Deck Add On 1:04
  • Add Questions to Your Slides 1:22
  • Start a Pear Deck Lesson 3:02
  • End the Pear Deck Lesson 6:06

Pear Deck Tips and Tricks

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