Highlight a Video, Add Notes, and Combine Video Clips with Vibby

Highlight a Video, Add Notes, and Combine Video Clips with Vibby


Vibby is a game changer for more effectively using video as an educational tool. With just a few clicks you can focus students on just the most important parts of a video.  Basically you copy and paste the link to a YouTube video, highlight the sections you want to share, maybe add notes to those clips, and Vibby combines your highlights into a concise “Vib.”

Watch a 15 Minute Video in Under 3 Minutes

Check out my highlights of Adam Grant’s “The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers.”  I hate to clip out any part of this awesome TED Talk, but hope it inspires you to watch the entire video.

More than Video Clips

Tools like TubeChop and SafeShareTV are great for clipping and sharing part of a video, but Vibby does a bit more. Vibby lets you highlight multiple parts of a video to create a series of clips.  The clips get combined into one video.  Each separate clip is highlighted in the progress bar below the Vib, and each highlight is linked to a note (if you made one) that appears beside the video. It’s easy to move between clips using the forward and back arrows, or by clicking the play button within a clip’s note.  Want to watch the entire video? Just click “Watch All” at the bottom of your Vib to toggle between the full video and highlights.

How to Highlight Video

Making a Vib is incredibly easy.

Classroom Ideas

Sharing condensed video content with students is just the beginning of what you can do with Vibby in the classroom.  As stated on Vibby’s website, foreign language students can use it to demonstrate interpretive learning skills.

Vibby is also social. Students could dissect a video into clips with notes to share with the class, and their classmates can “Vote Up” or comment on the Vib’s annotations. Identifying bias, examples of similes and metaphors… any number of strategies could be used to make video a more powerful instructional tool. Share your strategies in the comments below.

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