Top EdTech Picks of 2019

Here’s a look back at my top #EdTech picks of 2019: Netflix and Instagram Templates, PD on the Potty, Create Your Own Google Expeditions, and How to Make Google Docs Templates.

Top EdTech Picks of 2019

Netflix Template – Engage Your Students in Any Subject Area

Netflix Template EdTech

Students create fully interactive preview/info pages for a Netflix series. This fully customizable template provides a creative way for students to demonstrate understanding of historical characters, novels, plants/animals, and more.

Instagram Template for Historical Figures, Book Characters, Authors…

Instagram Template

What if Harry Potter had an Instagram account? What would we see in Benjamin Franklin’s Instagram gallery?

P.D. on the Potty – Professional Development as You Find Relief

PD on the Potty

A look back at the beginnings of this popular, convenient, and ongoing take on professional development. Tons of tech tools, quick tips, and points to ponder.

How to Create Your Own Google Expeditions with Tour Creator


Let students create their own interactive 360 photos and virtual reality tours that can be viewed in Google Expeditions. No special equipment is required.

How to Create Google Docs Templates

Google Docs Templates

A simple trick for sharing templates in Google Docs, Drawings, Sheets, or Slides.

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