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I’ve previously featured a number of QR code makers, but QR Code Chimp stands out as my new favorite for several reasons. QR Code Chimp first got my attention when I was looking for a way to make round QR codes. In addition to having a wide selection of shapes and styles, QR Code Chimp provides numerous ways to customize your QR Code: you can select your colors, add stickers, upload a logo, and more. Their free plan allows users to make unlimited QR codes and even includes 10 dynamic QR codes.

Free Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes allow you to change the link or outcome that is triggered by the QR Code even after it’s generated and printed. Think of it as one QR Code that you print once, but use for many different purposes. While most QR code makers charge for dynamic QR codes, QR Code Chimp’s free plan includes 10 dynamic QR codes in addition to unlimited static QR codes.

QR Code Solutions and Templates

QR Code Chimp’s solutions page provides several templates to speed up the creation of some popular types of QR Codes; making it easy to share links to social media pages, YouTube channels, calendar events, Google Forms, presentations, wifi passwords, and more.

Another stand-out feature that is rarely seen in free plans is the ability to make QR codes that go to custom landing pages that you build and host within QR Code Chimp. I love their social media landing page solution that allows users to make one page where they can direct people to all of their social media profiles using just one QR code.

Customize Your QR Codes

QR Code Shapes

QR Shapes

Go beyond circular QR codes with a wide selection of custom shapes, including hearts, light bulbs, cameras, and guitars.


Customize your QR Code with stickers (designs that go around your QR code).

Colors & Shapes

Custom QR Code Stickers

Stand out by customizing the colors and shapes of the parts that make up your QR code


You can even upload your own logo to include in the QR code.

How Do You Use QR Codes in Your Classroom?

I shared a few classroom ideas for using QR Codes in this reading roundup. Share your ideas in the comments below or on Twitter.

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