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A look back at my most popular posts of 2014…  


Twitter in the Classroom: Engage Your Screenagers in 140 Characters or Less

Stop trying to compete with social media. Instead, learn ways to gain and sustain the attention of learners by using Twitter in the classroom. Resources from my poster presentation at ISTE 2014.

eduCannon allows teachers to embed questions directly within a video. A great way to assess understanding and hold students accountable in the flipped classroom.

Find resources for: virtual impersonation, social bookmarking, screencasting, review and study tools, QR code generators, posters/memes/infographic generators, thinking maps/mind maps, flipped classroom tools, file management, communication, word clouds, video tools, classroom tools, cartoon and comic makers, backchannels, polling, and more. From my presentation at SC Education and Business Summit 2014.

VideoNot.es – Synchronize your notes with video

Synchronize your notes with video. A great note-taking and review tool!

PosterMyWall – An online poster maker that is perfect for students.

An online poster maker that is perfect for students – no accounts required, no public sharing, no ads, and completely free! Teachers can create project pages to organize posters created by students.


Clean Up YouTube Videos for Classroom Viewing. Remove ads, comments, and unwanted related videos.


Mentimeter – Free and Easy Student Response System With Any Device

Mentimeter allows you to use any internet enabled device as a student response system. You can use it for polling (and see results in real-time), or open-ended questions (responses limited to 140 characters). It’s another great option as a student response system for polling and assessment, or use it as a backchannel where students can post questions and comments during class.


BridgeURL is a convenient way to share up to 10 links through one easy to remember URL. This is a great way to share multiple links with students. You could even use it as a way to share multiple links through a single QR code.

Don’t Flip Out About Flipping Your Classroom 

Tutorials, links and resources to help teachers flip their classrooms. Tools for finding and creating instructional videos, screencasting, online whiteboards, iPad Apps, and places to host instructional videos. Resources for organizing content on websites, blogs, LMS, and playlist tools. Resources for communication and assessment. From my presentation at SC EdTech 2014.

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