A Web Whiteboard that Displays Student Responses in Real-Time

More Than a Web Whiteboard

So much more than a web whiteboard, Whiteboard.fi allows teachers to quickly create a class and view student responses in real-time. No accounts are required, no personal information is collected, and it works on any device. It’s a great tool for active student participation and formative assessment.

Create Your Class

No accounts are required. Just go to whiteboard.fi. Click New Class and enter your name.

Invite Students

Your students can join by clicking the link, scanning the QR code, or going to whiteboard.fi and entering a short code; the link, QR code, and class code are automatically generated when you create your class. Students only need to enter their names.

Ask Questions

Ask a question orally or using the teacher whiteboard. View your student’s answers in real-time. Clear all whiteboards and ask another question.

Whiteboard Features

Privacy and access control: no personal information is collected and everything is deleted when you close the room. Control class access with a waiting room feature and the ability to lock your room after your class starts.

Whiteboard Tools

Communicate clearly with backgrounds, shapes, text, and arrows. They even provide a math tool to handle more advanced equations or expressions.

Save your Whiteboard

You can conveniently save student whiteboards as a PDF with just a couple of clicks. 

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FYI – the link to Whiteboard.fi is missing the ‘e’ and redirects to another site.

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