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Early in my career, the technology for my review games consisted of flyswatters: Each team was given a flyswatter, and an opponent from those teams would stand on opposite sides of the table and slam down their flyswatter to “buzz in.” These days there are countless online review games, complete with buzzers, questions, scoreboards, and more. Sometimes, however, you just need a basic buzzer system. Whether you’re breaking out an old-school review game or hosting a quiz bowl, these two sites have you covered.

Play on Any Device

Both buzzer sites work on any device. No accounts and no apps are required. Any device with an internet connection and a web browser can be a game buzzer.


Cosmobuzz is completely free, well-designed, and couldn’t be easier to use. Just go to, click “Host Buzzer Room,” and share a custom link or room code with your students. Teachers choose between accepting only the first response, or manually locking buzzers and viewing responses in order of response time. In addition to a basic game buzzer, Cosmobuzz offers the ability to have students submit text responses. 


If you’re looking for a buzzer option that incorporates a timer, you might want to check out Teachers can set a timer, or manually lock, unlock, and reset buzzers. By default, buzzers are reset when the timer is reset. It’s equally easy to use for both teachers and students.’s free version is limited to eight buzzers, which is usually sufficient if students are playing as teams. 

Have a Favorite Old-School Buzzer Review Game?

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