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I wasn’t going to share another web whiteboard, but I really can’t categorize as just a web whiteboard. It’s a combination of some of the handiest EdTech tools in one platform. It’s also free and doesn’t require users to sign in. Rather than try to describe all of the features, I’m just going to list some of the standouts and encourage you to go explore them.

Great Whiteboard Features are Just the Beginning

Many of my favorite features can be found in the toolbar under the drawing toolbox. You can share links in a way that will get your students’ attention, embed websites and YouTube videos, roll dice, add sticky notes, and more. The two features that stood out the most to me:

  • Teacher’s grid view of all students’ boards.
  • Upload multi-page PDF or image files and all students will receive their own copy when they join the class.
Grid View of Student Whiteboards

Special Characters and Manipulatives

Click on the painter’s palette at the top of the screen to access interactive manipulatives and special characters. You’ll find plenty of math tools including ruler, protractor, place value blocks, money, etc. You’ll also find mindmaps, a periodic table, a selection of animals, music notes, components for circuit diagrams, and a lot more.

Even More Features

You’ll find even more features across the top of the board including where you can:

  • Get notified when a student raises their hand or indicates that they are finished. You can reply by chat or by joining the student’s board.
  • Set an alarm for timed activities.
  • Create chats and split students into breakout groups.
  • Conduct a poll.
  • Launch a video chat.

Looking for Something a Little More Streamlined?

The many features could be overwhelming for some uses. Check out if you teach early grades or just need some quick, basic functionality.

What’s Your Favorite Feature? 

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