A Must-Have Tool for Managing Student Feedback

Student Feedback Made Easy

Whether used for formative assessment, exit tickets, or just checking in on student well-being, Loop provides teachers with an easy way to gather actionable student feedback. Teachers can create a free account at loophq.io.

Set Up Groups

Classes are referred to as groups in Loom. After you have created your first group, you have three options for adding students: 

  • Import from Google Classroom
  • Paste Student Email Addresses
  • Share a Group Code and Allow Students to Self Register

Ask Questions

Student Feedback App

Teacher-Created Questions

Creating questions is as simple as typing and selecting a response type: 

  • Scale (1-7)
  • Reaction (a range of smiley emojis – from a frown to a grin)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Text

Text replies can be added to scale, reaction, or multiple-choice questions, allowing students to provide more specific feedback. 

Model Questions

Loop also provides several excellent “model” questions for teachers to use. Model questions can be selected across four categories:

  • Student Voice
  • Remote Learning
  • Learning Environment and Wellbeing
  • Exit Tickets
Exit Tickets

In addition to being able to immediately ask students a question, you can schedule questions to be delivered to students at a later time.

Reply to Student Feedback

Unlike most polling and student response tools, Loop provides teachers with an opportunity to reply to student responses. They’ve also gone a step farther in saving teachers time by making it easy to filter and reply to similar responses; allowing you to send a bulk message that students receive individually. 

Reply to Student Feedback

Other Great Student Feedback Tools

If Loop is not quite what you’re looking for, take a look at these other options for managing student feedback:

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