Take Notes That Automatically Synchronize with the Video You Are Watching

Note: Video Notes has shut down. Check out this great alternative to Video Notes

Take Notes that Automatically Synchronize with the Video You are WatchingVideoNot.es

MOOCs, Flipped Lessons, Video Tutorials… Instructional videos are becoming increasingly common, and VideoNot.ES provides an easy way to take better notes while watching these videos.  As students type notes, they are automatically synchronized with the video.  Clicking on a line in the notes will bring the video to the point when the note was made.

This free service works with Google Drive accounts and automatically saves your notes to your Google Drive for later access.  YouTube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity, and edX all work with VideoNot.es.  Just copy a link to a video and paste it to get started.  Then type your notes as you watch the video.  When it’s time to study or review, you can just click on any line in your notes to jump to the relevant section of the video.
Thanks to Jason Paddock @jasonpaddock for reminding me about this awesome resource.

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