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Video clips from popular shows and movies provide a great way to capture the attention of students. ClassHook is a site that allows teachers to search for clips from popular TV shows and movies that are related to their curriculum. Connecting your teaching to the movies and television shows that students watch makes content much more relevant and engaging.

Introduce the Second Law of Thermodynamics with the Simpsons

Relevant Clips from Popular Movies and TV Shows

ClassHook has curated and indexed thousands of clips from the shows and movies your students like. You’ll find clips from TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Seinfeld,  and Friends. You’ll also be improved with movie choices from films like The Dark Knight, The Matrix, The Avengers, and more. 

Stealthy Hank from Finding Dory Provides Some Great Examples of Animal Adaptations

Finding Video Clips with ClassHook is Easy

I love that Classhook’s homepage greets you by asking “What do you want to teach?”.

Search for Clips

You can search by subject, TV show, movie, or even grade level. Clip searches can be refined by with drop-down menus for grade level, clip length, or series. You can also opt to only view results that do not contain profanity.

Clips are accompanied by varying amounts of information that can be added to by users. The brief descriptions are a real time saver. Standards and occasionally discussion questions are also included. I especially liked the profanity warning that lets you know the time(s) in the clip that contains profanity. While you can’t always trust it and need to preview all clips, it quickly made me question the usability of an outstanding explanation of gentrification fromBoyz n the Hood.

ClassHook Video Clips


I was got great ideas for upcoming content by browsing the playlists. ClassHook has created a number of playlists in subject areas like arithmetic, biology, grammar, and more.

Create a Free Account

A free account is required to view more than a few clips. Your free account also provides you with a convenient way to bookmark clips and create playlists. Paid accounts provide some advanced features like a standards browser, the ability to filter by decade and standard, and more.

What Are Your Favorite Ways to Use Popular Media in the Classroom?

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