An Engaging Review Game That’s Perfect for Any Classroom- Blooket

Even students’ favorite review games like Kahoot, Quizizz, and Gimkit can get a little dull if they are overplayed. That’s why I’m always excited to find another engaging review game to add to the mix. Blooket is a free, fun, and engaging review game with tons of built-in variety.

Start with a Question Set

Teachers have three options for creating question sets: type your questions; search the Discovery page for existing sets; or import question sets from Quizlet with just a few clicks.

Blooket Question Set

Choose a Game Mode

What makes Blooket different than other games is the variety of game modes teachers can choose from. Students can answer questions to help them run a cafe, collect gold, battle in head-to-head showdowns, and more. Most game modes can also be assigned as homework.

Blooket - Review Game Mode

Host and Join

Much like Kahoot, the teacher hosts the game on the classroom screen while students join and participate on their own devices. No student accounts are required to particpate.

Great for Formative Assessment

Convenient score reports and question analysis also make this a great formative assessment tool.

A New Favorite

It’s wife’s 9th graders’ new favorite review game. Shout-out to our friend, Megan Mongelli, for sharing Blooket!

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