Create Interactive Learning Games in Minutes with Educandy

Teachers can never have too many review game options. Educandy allows teachers to quickly and easily create interactive learning games. The games are easy to make, easy to share, and easy to play.

Create Interactive Learning Games with Educandy

Eight Different Interactive Games

  • Noughts & Crosses – A fun twist on tic-tac-toe for one to two players; you can lose a turn by incorrectly matching up terms.
  • Crosswords – A one-player timed challenge; players are provided with hint-giving letter choices.
  • Wordsearch – It may not be of much instructional value, but it’s fun trying to beat your best time.
  • Hangman – Another game that’s really just for fun; a bite is taken from your candy bar every time you incorrectly guess a letter.
  • Matchup – A one-player game that challenges students to match terms against the clock.
  • Anagrams and Memory – Basically what you would expect, but the sample activity gave me a great idea for creating number pattern problems.
  • Multiple Choice – Answer correctly before time runs out to earn points.
Educandy - Noughts and Crosses
Noughts & Crosses

Three Ways to Create

  • List of Words (i.e. red, blue, green) to create Word Search, Anagrams, or Hangman.
  • Matching Pairs (i.e. yellow – sun, green – grass, blue – sky) to create noughts and crosses, crosswords, match-up, memory
  • Quiz Questions (i.e. What color is grass? a) red, b) green, c) blue) for multiple choice.

Share Your Games

Student accounts are not required to use Educandy. A unique link is generated for each set of games you create. You are also provided with a game code that you can share with your students; it’s shorter than a URL and it allows them to access via a mobile app if they wish. Teachers can also embed games into their class website,

Educandy Games

Cool Bonus Feature

Teachers can not only share detailed instructions, but they can also share hyperlinks to additional resources.

What’s Your Favorite Review Game Maker?

I’m always looking for new ways to mix things up with review games. Please share your favorites in the comments below orĀ on Twitter.

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