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Everyone Loves Review Games

You can never have too many options for review games. Mixing things up keeps things fresh. I’m happy to add another tool to my Kahoot, Quizizz, Quizlet Live, Flippity rotation.


Gimkit ( was made by a group of high school students from Seattle, My first impression is that they combined the look of Kahoot with the play of Quizizz, then took it to another level with some serious gamification.

Create Classes

Classes allow teachers to control names and grade assignments. Just enter or paste student names and you’re ready to go.

Create a Kit

Kits are games that consist of multiple choice questions. They can be played live or used as assignments, and work on any device.

  • From Scratch: Use Gimkit’s editor to simply type your questions.
  • Copy from Quizlet: Use Gimkit’s interface to access any Quizlet set, export, copy the text, and paste it into GimKit.
  • Upload a .csv File: This is likely your best option If you’re a Flippity user or keep your terms/questions in a Google Sheet or spreadsheet.

Playing the Game

Students join games by going to, entering a four-digit code, then either entering their name or selecting their name if their teacher has set up a class. Students answer questions on their own devices, at their own pace (similar to Quizizz).

Gimkit Gamification

Unique Gamification Sets Gimkit Apart

Students earn Gimkit cash by answering questions correctly. They can later use this money to purchase in-game upgrades like increasing the amount of money earned per question, receiving a bonus for answering multiple questions in a row, or purchasing insurance so they lose less money for wrong answers.

A Great Formative Assessment Tool

Gimikit’s Live View screen allows teachers to display a leaderboard-style scoreboard, while reports provide valuable formative assessment insights. Teachers can pull convenient reports for their entire class, by question, or for individual students.

Free Accounts

Gimkit’s free account is limited to 5 Kits; giving you plenty of opportunities to try out all the features, and still worth adding to your review game rotation if you don’t decide to upgrade. Unlimited, premium accounts are available for $7.99 per month (only $4.99/month when paid annually).

What’s Your Favorite Review Game?

Do you have a favorite review game or tips for using Gimkit? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter.

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