Curriculum-Aligned, Ready-To-Play Kahoots

Curriculum-Aligned, Ready-To-Play Kahoots

No time to create a Kahoot? The folks at Kahoot might have one ready for you. Kahoot now features a collection of standards-aligned games to make it easier than ever to find high quality Kahoots that match your curriculum. So far they have created collections for math, science, and ELA; history and geography are scheduled to be released soon.

Curriculum-Aligned Kahoots

Math by Kahoot

Kahoot’s math collection currently features 30 games covering topics in algebra, geometry, and fractions. Click here to check out the math collection.

Science by Kahoot

Science by Kahoot is limited to only 15 games at this time covering topics in biology and chemistry. The chemistry collection covers introductory topics, while biology covers a broader range of topics from photosynthesis to meiosis. Click here to check out the science collection.

ELA by Kahoot

Currently limited to only 15 reading comprehension games, the ELA Collection seems to be the most limited at this point. Click here to check out the ELA collection.

More Kahoots Coming Soon

While some of the collections are quite limited at this point, it’s a good start. Check back frequently as Kahoot intends to offer hundreds of curriculum-aligned Kahoots by the end of this year, and even more in 2018. Don’t forget that you can also duplicate any Kahoot and edit it to fit your needs.

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