Quizlet Live – a Live, Multi-Player Classroom Review Game

Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live

Quizlet has long-been one of my most frequently used study and review tools.  The online flashcards and quiz games have been a favorite among students for years.  Their newest tool, Quizlet Live, transforms your flashcards into a live, multi-player, classroom review game. See it in action in the video below.

Create a Game

You can turn any study set that has at least 12 terms into a live review game by clicking Live in the Study/Play menu at the top of your screen.  Students are then instructed to go to quizlet.live and enter the join code displayed on the teacher’s screen.  Quizlet Live - Create a Game

Quizlet Live randomly creates teams of 3-4 students, so at least 6 students must join before the game can be played.  Student names are displayed on the teacher’s screen as they join.

Quizlet Live - Teams

Live Team Play

Clicking Create Game displays the randomly created teams and instructs students to sit with their teams. When the game has started, all team members will see a definition on their screen.  Only one of the team members will have the matching term.  The teams must work together to match each term and definition. The leader board is displayed on the teacher’s screen, showing each team’s progress in real-time.  The first team to match 12 definitions wins, but entering a wrong answer forces the team to start over. Quizlet has created a live demo where teachers can test drive Quizlet Live from a student’s point of view.

Quizlet Live - Leader Board

End-Of-Game Review

When the game has ended the teacher can choose to replay the game or exit, but choosing Continue to Stats provides a great chance to go over commonly missed terms. Teachers and students can view the terms that were most commonly missed and the terms they were confused with.

End-Of-Game Review

Students Love It

As a regular user of Kahoot and Quizizz, I was excited to see my students’ enthusiasm for a game that uses flashcards that I have spent years creating.  If you’re looking for an exciting in-class, multi-player review game, you have to try Quizlet Live.

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