Kahoot – An Engaging Review Game on Any Device

Engaging Review on Any Device


Looking for a way to keep students engaged during review?  Check out Kahoot.  Enter your own questions or browse the extensive collection of public Kahoots made by other users at getkahoot.com.

                Kahoot Student Start Page
Student Start Page at Kahoot.it

Teachers must display the Kahoot so that students can view questions.  Students go to kahoot.it and enter a game pin.

Since student names are displayed on the scoreboard, I ask them to use an alias.

Kahoot Startup Page
Launch a Kahoot

Answer choices are displayed in a very basic way since question details only appear on the teacher display.  The simplicity of the student display, and the fact that it can be used on any internet-enabled device make this game ideal for a BYOD setting.

Kahoot Teacher and Student Displays
Teacher and Student Displays

Students are given a set amount of time to answer each question, but questions will advance once all students have answered to speed up the game.  Students earn points for correct answers based on how quickly they answer.  In addition to displaying score updates, answer details are provided after each question.  This enables teachers to discuss misconceptions and commonly missed questions.

Kahoot Question Results
Insights After Every Question

Detailed data on student responses to each question are available at the end of the game by question or by individual student.  Kahoot is a favorite among students, while providing teachers with meaningful feedback.  Check out their blog for tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Detailed Feedback by Student or Question


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