An Easier Way to Provide Faster, More Effective Student Feedback

Floop: Giving Students Feedback They Need, When They Need It

More than just a quick, convenient way of providing student feedback on paper assignments, Floop helps teachers give more effective student feedback; feedback that’s timely, specific, meaningful, and actionable. Students simply take a picture of their work and submit it for feedback. Teachers select specific locations on student work to leave feedback that is delivered instantly. 

“Feedback is the number one driver of student learning outcomes.”

– Melanie Kong, HS STEM Teacher, Co-Founder of Floop

Specific and Actionable Feedback

With Floop, teachers select specific locations on student work to leave their comments, questions, and next steps. Feedback isn’t any good if it’s immediately tossed in the recycling bin; Floop provides an easy way for students to engage with feedback. They can instantly reply to teachers and resubmit their work with just a couple of clicks. 

Actionable Student Feedback - Floop

Meaningful Feedback

Floop provides a platform that makes it easy to focus your feedback on a student’s work, not the student. It’s a better way to provide useful feedback without diminishing efforts to praise and build relationships.

Timely Feedback

A number of obstacles make it difficult for teachers to provide feedback in a timely manner. Floop feedback is delivered to students as soon as it is entered by teachers. Additionally, although we know that students tend to tune out whole class feedback, time constraints sometimes make it the most viable option. Common or similar mistakes can be quickly addressed with drag and drop comments from the comment bank. 

Student Feedback Comment Bank - Floop

Self Evaluation and Peer Review

Floop is also a great tool for self-evaluation and peer review. Peer review is completely anonymous, easy to set up, and provides teachers with a summary in real-time. 

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