Coronavirus Resources for Families, Students, and Teachers

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Coronavirus Resources for Families, Students, and Teachers

While we all wait and wonder what this coming school year will look like, it’s a fairly safe bet that some form of distance learning is likely to be a part of it. Last spring, teachers, students, and parents were thrown into a mad scramble to keep school “open” as the physical buildings closed. Nobody wants to enter a similar situation blindly; that’s why I recommend spending some time now preparing for the best ways to provide meaningful learning experiences for our students.

Resources for Families, Students, and Teachers

The folks at have developed a variety of resources to help students and their families prepare for online learning during these uncertain times. You’ll find tips for studying at home, specific resources for parents with multiple children at home, students with special educational needs, and more. In addition to providing a collection of resources to share with parents, educators will find strategies, instructional videos, activities, and assessment tools to help transition to online learning.

Independent Learning Strategies During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Parents have suddenly been thrown into the additional role of being a teacher with little-to-no guidance. Check out these strategies for independent learning to help your child complete assignments. You’ll find specific strategies for reading assignments, video lessons, online research, and projects.

Advanced Placement Exam Prep

As a former AP Environmental Science teacher, I can’t imagine the challenges facing students who had to take AP Exams last spring amid our transition to online learning. In addition to hundreds of video lessons, also offers practice tests to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. Students are guided to specific lessons to improve their understanding of topics they had trouble with on the practice test. Check out Advanced Placement Exam Prep for every subject.

How to Homeschool Your Kids After a School Closure

Parents will find the tips here really helpful in regard to establishing a home learning environment and schedule for your students. While these two ideas seem simple, they are essential to the success of your child’s home learning experience.

Online Homeschool for Grades 3-12 also offers comprehensive curricula for students in grades 3-12. Their online homeschool programs are complete with features like video lessons, automatically graded quizzes, study schedules, goal tracking, and progress reporting. In addition to courses in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, you’ll also find a range of electives in Business, the Arts, Computer Science, and Foreign Language.

Something for Everyone

Like any good educational resource, the best way to use depends on the needs of the learner. With a large amount of content and a wealth of resources, has something for everyone.

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