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Custom QR Code Generator

Custom QR Code Generator - Nick's Picks

QR codes have become so common in many settings that they tend to blend in. I still remember being surprised by how many people approached me at my 2014 ISTE poster session to ask how I made my QR codes. Unfortunately, they were made with SnippQR, which has long since passed on to the EdTech Graveyard. I’m happy to say that I have finally found a suitable replacement for making unique, stylish, and colorful QR codes. QRCode Monkey is a completely free custom QR code generator with some great design options.

How to Make Your Custom QR Code with QRCode Monkey

  • Enter Content: Paste your URL for a link based QR code (phone number, email, text message, etc. for other types).
  • Set Colors: Select colors for your background and foreground (QR code). Optionally, you can create a gradient for the foreground and choose custom colors for the “eyes” (large shapes in the corners of the QR Code).
  • Add Logo Image: Upload an image or select one from their gallery.
  • Customize Your Design: Select the shapes that you want to make up the body, eye frame, and eyeball of your QR Code.
  • Create & Download – Select the image quality and file type. The default quality and .png file will work for most situations.
Custom QR Code Generator

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