Share Bookmarks and Save Time with Sqworl

Share Bookmarks and Save Time with Sqworl

Simple Visual Bookmarking for Educators

Sqworl is a basic bookmarking site. Its simplicity and focus on educators make it a great choice for collecting and sharing bookmarks in your classroom.  Get started by creating a free account and making your first “group” or collection.

Bookmark Group - Sqworl

Find and Add Bookmarks

Searching educator-created bookmark groups within Sqworl can be a great time saver. I set out to create a group to curate activities for practicing multiplication facts. A quick search within Sqworl returned 12 groups, each with multiple links.

Multiplication Bookmarks

It’s easy to add bookmarks to your groups. You can simply paste a site’s URL and click “add” or save time by installing the Sqworl bookmarklet. Installing the bookmarklet is done with a quick drag and drop. Just click the bookmarklet when visiting a site and the site will be added to one of your groups.

Sqworl Bookmarklet

Share and View Bookmarks

You can share any of your groups with students, parents, or colleagues just be sharing the group’s link. In addition to browsing and clicking the visual bookmarks, you can select settings for two additional viewing options.

Sqworl Explorer allows you to visit one of your bookmarked sites while keeping the other bookmarks in a sidebar to facilitate quick switching between sites.

Open All Links permits you to simultaneously open each bookmark in a separate browser tab – with one click.

View Stats, while not a viewing option, allows you to see how many page visits your group has had.

Sqworl Bookmark Explorer

More Bookmarking Options

Here are a couple more bookmarking sites you might like.

  • Symbaloo – Visually bookmark in collaborative grids.
  • Pearltrees – Organize and Share Digital Resources

What’s Your Favorite Bookmarking Tool?

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