Getting Started with Google Voice Typing

Text-to-Speech That Actually Works

I remember trying voice-to-text software in the late 1990s. In addition to a lack of accuracy, I had to speak slower than I could already type. Thankfully, voice-to-text software has come a long way since then. Google voice typing is incredibly accurate and fast enough to be used as a real time-saver. In addition to being a great accessibility feature, it’s an easy way for teachers to save time when doing things like providing student feedback.

Google Voice Typing

Voice typing in Google docs can be accessed by simply clicking on the tools menu at the top of the screen and selecting “Voice Typing.” Just click on the microphone button and start speaking.

It’s Even Better with Voice Commands

Simple dictation of words would still require considerable time for going back to add punctuation, line breaks, capitalization, etc. Google voice typing provides easy ways to incorporate all of these tasks into your speech through simple voice commands.

Adding punctuation is as easy as saying “period,” “comma,” or “question mark.” Other voice commands provide ways to format text, create lists, edit, move around your document, and more. You can view a list of all voice commands by clicking on the question mark below the microphone icon.

Essential Voice Commands

Download the free 1-page guide to essential voice commands in Google voice typing (below).


This post stems from an assignment originally done for a graduate class taught by my mentor and friend, @marshallgjones.

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