iPad Accessibility Apps – Level The Playing Field

iPad Accessibility Apps – Level The Playing Field

Accessibility Apps for Inclusive Learning

The iPad’s built-in accessibility features are amazing for empowering all learners. Here’s a round-up of iPad Accessibility Apps to further help level the playing field.

Part 1: Accessibility Apps for Vision

[appstore id=”1077697759″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”705229586″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”1187555128″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”500557255″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”437052502″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”388886679″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”379865944″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”918497054″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”849732663″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”639199558″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”417476558″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”366791896″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”425585903″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”625146680″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”567635020″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”1162467588″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”981232971″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”496177674″ style=”custombox1″]

[appstore id=”920583100″ style=”custombox1″]






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