The Seating Chart Tool You’ve Been Looking For

The Seating Chart Tool You’ve Been Looking For

Mega Seating Plan

Mega Seating Plan makes it easy to create a variety of seating charts for any number of classes in any number of seating arrangements. All navigation is done through three sections in the top menu:

  • Class Lists (the students in your class(es))
  • Classrooms (seating arrangements in your classroom(s))
  • Seating Plans (where the students sit)

Create Class Lists

Getting started is as easy as copying and pasting your class roster, along with any other data you might want to include on your seating chart or use to arrange students. Then simply identify your column headings and name your class.

Create a New Classroom

The next step is to lay out the physical arrangement of seats in your class. You can create multiple classrooms If you teach in more than one room, or use multiple seating arrangements.

Seating Chart Arrangements

Create a New Seating Plan

This is where the magic happens. Select one of your classes; choose one of your classrooms (seating layouts). Choose your strategy: random, boy-girl, or alphabetical by first or last name. You can also activate “Avoid Mode” to indicate any students you would like to seat away from one another. You can also drag and drop students to rearrange them.

You can choose to display or hide student data in your seating chart. One of my favorite features is the ability to switch between “Teacher View” and “Student View.” Student view makes displaying your seating chart on a screen less confusing by inverting the layout; it also removes any student data.

Seating Chart - Student View

Other Great Tools

Be sure to check out their other “time saving tools created by teachers for teachers: Mega Quizzer, Mega Report Writer, and Mega Name Picker.

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