A Fun Option for a Short, Entertaining Assignment – iFakeSiri


iFakeSiri allow students to create iPhone Siri conversations and screenshots.  Like the previous virtual impersonation tools I wrote about (Fake iPhone TextFakeBook, and Fake Tweet Builder), students can write fake Siri conversations from historical figures, book characters, politicians, authors, etc.  It’s another fun option for a short, entertaining assignment.
Just type your message…
and view your screenshot!
Creating a message is simple!  You can share your message via a variety of methods including social media, link, and an embed code.  You can also save a screenshot with your favorite tool (I’m a fan of Jing and Skitch).  Here are some screenshot directions for Windows and Mac users.  I’d love to hear some ideas on using virtual impersonation tools in the classroom.  Please share yours in the comments below.

Be sure to check out Simitator –  one of my favorite choices for virtual impersonation.

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