Fake iPhone Text – Fun and easy to use.

Lewis and Clark discover Google Maps

Note: This site appears to no longer be active as of August 2016.

Fake iPhone Text – Fun and easy to use.


A while back I wrote about Fake Tweet Builder as a a fun and creative way for students to create fake Twitter conversations by historical figures, book characters, politicians, authors, etc.

Fake iPhone Text Generator is a similar application, and equally easy to use. Simply type in a conversation between any two individuals and click “create.”  The names you enter don’t matter because they don’t show up in the text message.

One down-side is that the generated image can’t be saved.  You have to capture it as a screenshot.  I’m a fan of Jing for screenshots.  Here are some screenshot directions for Windows and Mac users.


Please share yours in the comments below.

I’d love to hear some ideas on using this in the classroom.

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