Fake Tweets & More – Simitator — Guest Post by Nicole LaFave

Engage Students with Fake Tweets

Fake Tweets & More – Simitator

It’s no secret: students love social media!  So what better way to get them excited about learning than to use social media?  Since most varieties of social media are blocked at my school, I’ve discovered that Simitator.com is a great way to integrate social media into various classroom assessments without having to worry about breaking any school social media rules.

I use Simitator so that students can create fake tweets.  My English 2 students used Simitator to generate tweets for characters from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.  Designed as an informal assessment after reading the play, students randomly selected a character and a scene.  From there, they imagined what those characters might have been ‘tweeting’ at that very moment:



Simitator also allows for the creation of Twitter Messages, Facebook status updates, and Facebook chats.  There’s even a Yahoo Answers generator.  Additionally, the site provides links to other sites that offer fake generators such as Snapchat and iPhone Text (just to name two).

One of the best things about Simitator is that I don’t have to explain a thing to my students (most of whom are 9th graders).  Once they access that site, everything is very self-explanatory.  After their fake tweet is complete, they download it and then share with me (usually via Google Drive).

How would/do you use fake tweets in your classroom?  Please comment below.

Guest Post by Nicole LaFave

Nicole LaFave is a 9th grade English teacher at Fort Mill High School in Fort Mill, SC. A former District Teacher of the Year from Kershaw County School District, Nicole holds a B.A. in English from Clemson University and a Masters in Teaching English from University of South Carolina. With seven years of experience teaching in a 1:1 classroom, Nicole currently works with a class set of Chromebooks and integrates technology into her G/T, Honors, CP, TP and Inclusion level classes on a daily basis. A former self-professed technology pariah, Nicole now strives to teach outside of her technology comfort zone; she loves that technology can benefit her students and their learning experiences.


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