Top EdTech Picks of 2016

Top EdTech Picks of 2016

The five most popular EdTech Picks of 2016. This year’s top posts feature a new twist on an old review game, resource collections from ISTE and NSTA, a simple poster generator, and some awesome gadgets.

Top EdTech Picks of 2016

Quizlet LiveQuizlet Live – a Live, Multi-Player Classroom Review Game

Transform your flashcards into a live, multi-player, classroom review game with Quizlet Live.

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Assessment Doesn’t Have to be a Four Letter Word

Links and resources from my presentation at ISTE 2016. 50 free tools to help with all types of assessment, from diagnostic and formative to summative.

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50 Free Tech Tools

50 Free Tech Tools for the 21st Century Classroom – Summer 2016

A roundup of my favorite free EdTech tools. Links and resources from my workshops, presentations, and conferences.

Science teachers might want to check out 50 Free Tech Tools for the Science Classroom – featuring resources from my presentation at the NSTA 2016 Nashville National Conference.

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Easiest Poster Maker - PosterGenThe Easiest Online Poster Maker – PosterGen

A poster maker that’s perfect for quickly making high-quality posters without spending too much time tweaking every detail.

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5 Awesome Tech Gadgets for Teachers & StudentsAwesome Tech Gadgets for Teachers & Students

Here are 5 gadgets that any teacher would love.  These 5 definitely make learning fun.  From programing drones, to making a piano out of bananas, this post has something for everyone. The interest readers have shown in gadgets has led me to share more of my favorite gadgets with teachers. You can check out all gadget posts here.

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