Technology Excuse Statement

Technology Excuse Statement
Rather than post a new resource this week, I’m going to share my Technology Excuse Statement as teachers head back to school and revise syllabi.  The one below has been modified from a number of online sources (links to which I can no longer find).  Common sense and flexibility still need to apply, but it does set a clear tone and decreases the number of preventable mishaps.

Technology Excuse Statement

This course relies heavily on access to computers, specific software, and the Internet. At some point during the semester you WILL have a problem with technology: your laptop will crash, a file will become corrupted, a server will go down, or something else will occur. These are facts of life, not emergencies. Technology problems will not be accepted as excuses for unfinished or late work. Count on ‘stuff’ happening and protect yourself by doing the following:

  • Plan ahead – start early, particularly if scarce resources are required
  • Save work often – at least every ten minutes
  • Make regular backups of files in a different location from the originals
  • Save drafts of work at multiple stages
  • When editing, set aside the original and work with a copy
  • Practice safe computing when surfing the web and checking email
  • On your personal computer, install and use software to control viruses and malware

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