Mindfulness in the Classroom – a #TeachDifferent Reading Roundup

Mindfulness in the Classroom – a #TeachDifferent Reading Roundup

A look at the potential benefits of integrating mindfulness in the classroom. Get practical techniques and strategies, along with a look at what the research says.

Five handpicked articles and posts from my virtual PLN about mindfulness in the classroom – inspiring innovation in education.

Benefits of Mindfulness Education

Links Shared by the Calm Schools Initiative:

New York Times — The Mindful Child

KQED News — What Changes When a School Embraces Mindfulness?

Washington Post — Harvard Neuroscientist on the physical effects Mindfulness

Harvard Business Review — Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain

The Atlantic — Should Schools Teach Kids to Meditate?

Wellcome Trust — 7-year study about mindfulness in UK schools

Mindful Nation UK — Report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group

“Room to Breathe” — documentary on mindfulness in schools by Russell Long

San Francisco Chronicle — Meditation Transforms Roughest San Francisco Schools

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