Getting Started with Meditation in the Classroom

Meditation in the Classroom

I previously shared a look at the potential benefits of integrating mindfulness in the classroom. Now, teachers have another resource to help them bring “better focus, less stress, and happier thoughts” to their classrooms. Another premier meditation app has joined Calm in offering teachers access to their resources for free.

Meditation in the Classroom

Headspace for Educators

Teachers and support staff can now sign up for free access to Headspace. While you’re there be sure to check out the collection of resources on everything you need to know about meditation in the classroom, including such topics as:

Designed for the Classroom

Understanding that time is always a scarce resource in the classroom, these short exercises are perfect for squeezing into your classroom routines. Their Mindful Tools for the Classroom Guide provides 3 series of exercises to help build your classroom’s practice. From beginner’s exercises and introducing mindfulness, to building strong habits and mindfulness skills, this guide serves as a comprehensive program. While they are outlined for daily practice, these exercises are also designed so that you can try them individually and return to them whenever it fits into your class.

Do You Practice Meditation in the Classroom?

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