How to Create Google Docs Templates

Note: Google Classroom does this automatically for any assignment that includes a Google file.

Google Docs Templates

Sharing templates through Google Drive is a great time saver for teachers. You could share a “view only” version of your file and require students to go to File>Make a Copy. Unfortunately, this often results in your inbox overflowing with requests for edit access.

A Better Solution

Use this simple trick to share Google Docs Templates. It works for essentially any G Suite file (Docs, Drawings, Sheets, Slides).

Change File Share Settings

  1. Change the file share settings to Anyone with the link can view.
  2. Click the Share button at the top-right of your screen.
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Click Change… beside Private – Only you can access
  5. Select On – Anyone with the link
    • Access should be set to View by default.
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Done
File Share Settings

Create a Template Link

  • Change the word edit (and any text after edit) at the end of the file’s URL to template/preview.
  • Press return.
  • Your new link should pull up a preview of the file with a Use Template button.
  • Copy and share your new template link.

I prefer this method over creating a force-copy link because it allows users to preview the file before copying it to their drive.

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