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While I’m a big supporter of authentic assessment and not a fan of DOK 1 types of assessment, a good online assessment tool can still be a great time-saving resource for teachers. Edulastic is one of the best online assessment tools I’ve used. It features auto-grading, interactive and multimedia questions, a large question bank, and the ability to turn PDFs into online assessments. It’s also free and integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas, and Clever.

Spend Less Time Grading and More Time Teaching

More Than 30 Interactive and Multimedia Questions Types

Questions are split into three categories: classic question types, math tech enhanced, and ELA tech enhanced. Classic question types include multiple choice, true/false, essay, etc.ELA tech enhanced questions include classification, drag and drop, and resequence. Math tech enhanced questions include fraction editor, range plotter, drawn response, and a variety of graphing options.

Questions - Edulastic

The question editor is much more flexible than I expected. You’ll find practically any text editing feature in addition to an equation editor, table maker, and the ability to add web links. You can also upload image files, and add videos via embed code.

More Than 20,000 Expert Created Questions

Teachers may opt to select from thousands of pre-written questions in Edulastic’s standards-aligned question bank. You can filter questions by grade, subject, standard (including many state and national standards), question type, depth of knowledge, and difficulty. The ever-growing question bank includes more than 10,000 ELA questions, 23,000 math questions, 2500 science questions, nearly 2,000 social studies questions, and more.


Spend less time grading and more time teaching with autograding. Edulastic automatically grades questions for you, provides students with immediate feedback, and organizes results into user-friendly reports.

Turn Your PDFs Into Auto-Graded Assessments

A digital worksheet is still a worksheet, but I have to urge teachers to stop grading DOK 1 questions. We have technology that can do that for you. You can upload any PDF and quickly turn it into an auto-graded assignment with the SnapQuiz feature.

Turn PDFs into Online Assessment

Get Started

Edulastic is incredibly user-friendly. They also have a Training Hub on their site that has great video tutorials. I’m also a fan of their teacher training guide that will walk you through everything from setting up your classes and creating assignments to monitoring student progress.

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