Twitter in the Classroom: Engage Your Screenagers in 140 Characters or Less – ISTE 2014

Twitter in the Classroom: Engage Your Screenagers
in 140 Characters or Less
ISTE 2014

Twitter in the Classroom Poster – ISTE 2014 (Click to Enlarge)

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How Are Educators Using Twitter in the Classroom?


CNN Report on how one San Francisco teacher uses Twitter in his classroom. 

George Mayo
George Mayo teaches at Silver Springs International Middle School in Maryland.  His students used Twitter to write a collaborative story with students in six different countries.

Enrique Legaspi
Enrique Legaspi teaches at Hollenbeck Middle School in East L.A. The video that accompanies this article explains Mr. Legaspi’s “Aha moment.”  He explains how using Twitter has increased class participation, especially for his shy students.

Jordan Shapiro
Jordan Shapiro is a professor at Temple University.  Rather than fight against students using their phones in class, he encourages them to tweet during class and has created hashtags for his classes.  This article pushed me to try a semester-long Twitter assignment with my own students.



Principal Steve Williams teaches us “to meet the students where they are already excited to be.”



Classroom Strategies

Examples Cited in my ISTE Poster Session

  • English
    – a virtual book club hosted by The Atlantic.
  • Math
    – Examine tweet timelines, reply statistics, tweets per month, and tweets per hour for any username.
  • Science
    – a monthly Twitter chat between scientists and students.
  • Social Studies
    I – Live tweets from the 2nd World War, as it happens on this date & time in 1942, & for 4 years to come.

    General Resources

  • Pollowers – Poll your followers with a tweet and they can respond through Twitter
    Poll Everywhere – Students can respond to live polls using Twitter.
    – Post quizzes and collect results via Twitter.
    – Great for creating backchannels.
    – Customize your Twitter experience.
    – Social Media Dashboard
    – Create a story by hashtag.

Professional Development

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The Power of Twitter Chats
An informative video featuring expert teachers
explaining how they use and benefit from hashtag chats.
View more chats on the Official Weekly Twitter Chat List


Still not convinced that it’s time to embrace Twitter
rather than ban it?

Comprehensive Resources for Teachers, Administrators, & Parents

This presentation stems from a White Paper I wrote on Twitter in the Classroom at Winthrop University
Thanks to Marshall G. Jones  for his guidance on this and other topics.

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