Free Background Music for Video Editing

Free Background Music for Video Editing

YouTube Audio Library

Compared to finding copyright-friendly images and video clips, finding free background music for video editing can be pretty discouraging. I’ve featured some free background music sites previously, but I often find the choices limited. I typically associate YouTube with video, but I was surprised to stumble across this resource.

Free Background Music for Video Editing

Free Music

The YouTube Audio Library features a great collection of no copyright songs that are completely free to use as you wish (even commercially). You can filter songs by genre, mood, instrument, and length. You can even use filters to separate tracks that require attribution from those that do not. Just click the download arrow and your song will start to download immediately.

Free Sound Effects

YouTube Audio Library also has you covered if you need free sound effects for your projects. You can search for sound effects or choose from any of twenty categories (including alarms, animals, sports, weather, and more).

Free Background Music

Looking for More Copyright-Friendly Resources?

Copyright Friendly Images:

Copyright Friendly Music:

Where Do You Find Free Background Music for Video Editing?

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