Create Bubble Sheets with Google Forms

Make Your Own Digital Bubble Sheets / Multiple -Choice Answer Sheets with Google Forms

Create Digital Bubble Sheets with Google FormsAnswer forms, bubble sheets, Scantron sheets… whatever you call them, they have become a real time saver for teachers when using multiple choice assessment. Now you can make your own digital answer sheets with Google Forms.  You get detailed item analysis in the form of a spreadsheet and your students get immediate feedback.  You can place your questions within the forms, but students can take screenshots of the questions if you don’t have a lockdown browser.  The tutorial below will show you how to make a simple answer sheet that you can use with any printed test.

Start by Creating a New Google Form

Create a Google Form

1) Navigate to and start a new form.

Name Your Form and Add Student Identifiers


Class Period Google Form Require Question - Google Form

2) Click to rename your form.

3) Change “Untitled Question” to “Period.”

4) Click on “Option 1” and change it to “1”

5) Click on “Add Option” and change it to “2.” Repeat for all of the class periods that you teach.

6) Toggle “Required” on.

Add New Question - Google Forms


7) Click to add a new question.

8) Click the arrow to change the question type to “Short answer.”

Duplicate Question - Google Forms

9) Change “Question” to “First Name.”

10) Toggle “Required” on.

11) Click to duplicate the question

Add Another Question - Google Forms
12) Change the duplicated question to “Last Name”

13) Click to add another question.

NOTE: You may wish to add a field for email if appropriate.  This way students can receive grades once their assignment has been checked.

Multiple Choice Grid - Google Forms

14) Change the question type to “Multiple choice grid.”

15) Replace “Question” with your directions.

16) Change “Row 1” to “1”

17) Click “Add Option”

18) Change “Column 1” to “A”

19) Click “Add Option” and Add

Add Questions and Answer Choices - Google Forms


20) Change “Row 2” to “2”

21) Click “Add Option”

Repeat until you have created a row for each question.

22) Change “Column 2” to “B”

23) Click “Add Option”

Repeat until you have created a column for each answer choice.

Require One Response Per Row

24) Toggle “Require one response per row” on.

Preview and Share Your Answer Sheet

Name Your Form

Preview and send your form25) Go to the top of your screen and name your form if you haven’t already.

26) Click the eye icon to preview your form.

27) Click “Send” to see sharing options.

Share your form28) Select how you would like to share your form (email, url, embed code).

29) Copy the link (or code if you choose to embed) and share with your students.

View Responses Google Forms

30) You can view student responses to questions by clicking “Responses” at the top of your form.

I’ll share an easy way to automatically grade the responses using Flubaroo in my next post.

Stay tuned for my next post on how to automatically grade submissions to your answer sheets in minutes.

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