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You can create surveys in minutes using Zoho’s well-designed editor.  More than 50 templates are available, including several for use in education. Templates include Bullying, Course Evaluation, Graduation Exit Survey, Institute Feedback, Parent Engagement, or create your own.

Surveys can be shared by a link, embedded into your website or blog, or even integrated with your Facebook account.  They even generate a QR code for every survey.
Easy Online Survey Generator
Technology Access Survey
Users can make unlimited surveys.  The free version limits each survey to 15 questions and a total of 150 responses.  Paid accounts offer many more features including “Question Logic” which gives you the ability to ask follow-up questions based on replies given earlier in the survey.  See the picture below for an example.


Mac Better Than PC?
Question Logic Example
My favorite features on Zoho Survey are the reporting tools.  The array of options and concise layout make it easy to quickly interpret the results of survey questions.



Analyze Survey Feedback
Survey Results
Graph Survey Results - Understand Feedback
Survey Report

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