Digital Tools for Assessment in the 21st Century Classroom

Resources featured in my presentations at conferences, summits, and workshops.

Digitize Traditional Assessment

Digital Rubrics

Video Enhanced Assessment

Review Games and Study Tools for Formative Assessment

Observational Assessment Tools

Student Response Tools For Formative Assessment

Popular Tools for Authentic Assessment

Comic Strips, Cartoons, Animation


MindMap / Concept Map / Graphic Organizer

Online Assessment ToolsPresentations

Digital Storybooks

Video Creation

Virtual Impersonation

Websites & Blogs

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Nick LaFave

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I loved Infuse learning also. One comic tool ,that was one of the 1st and best is Bitstrips, its worth the small fee to use it after your trial runs out. It has gained popularity through facebk but was actually a teaching tool. Storyboardthat is running a great race in the comic section also. Great list.

Nick LaFave

Thanks for contributing some cool resources! I was a big fan of Bitstrips until they required a FB login (making it unusable in a lot of schools). I have had some fun with Bitmoji recently though. I’m glad you mentioned Storyboardthat. I’m either thinking of a different site, or they have made a LOT of improvements. This looks awesome!


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