Free Sound Effects for Students and Teachers

Finding Free Sound Effects

Finding free sound effects for projects can be challenging. When you finally find one you like, it’s often difficult to download or not the right file type. Many sites require accounts, making them unavailable to many students. Other sites have confusing rules about attribution, making them difficult for students to use. Below are my top five choices for free sound effects.

Best Free Sound Effect Sites for Students

Mixkit and Pixabay are my hands-down favorite sound effect sites for students. They both offer very clean, easy-to-navigate sites with one-click downloads. No accounts are necessary and no attribution is required.

Sound Bible is another great source for sound effects, but a few things make the site more challenging to use. The site is full of ads, many of which have buttons that say “Start Download.” Like many others, I was unable to download files using Google Chrome.

Zapsplat and Free SFX offer a large selection of sound effects for users who are able to create accounts. Both sites require attribution, but the requirements are quite flexible as long as you include a link to the source.

What Are Your Favorite Sources for Free Sound Effects?

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