How to Generate a List of Random Names

Perfect for Demonstrations and Examples

List of Random Names

Anyone can conjure up a random name to use in an example, but things get a little time-consuming if you need a whole list of random names (like a class roster) for a demonstration or example. Now you can quickly generate a list that’s ready to copy and paste.

List of Random Names

I’ve been using to create fictitious class rosters for demonstrations, videos, and blog posts for several years now. Just choose how many names you want to generate (up to 50), and specify male, female, or both. You can even choose first names or first/last. If you don’t like your list for some reason, just click “generate” again. I’ve been really impressed with the variety of names generated

After You’ve Generated Your List

You have three options after your list is generated:

  • List in a text area – easy to copy and paste.
  • PDF – generates a PDF with one click, but it’s covered with a watermark.
  • Lorem Ipsum – “dummy text” for print layout with the names inserted.

Need to Separate First and Last Names?

Check out these tutorials.

What are Your Ideas for Using List of Random Names?

While I can’t think of too many uses for this tool, I’d love to hear any creative ideas. Please share them in the comments below or on Twitter.

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