3 Chrome Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Check out these essential Google Chrome shortcuts to save some time while streamlining a few common tasks. With no extensions needed and no keys to memorize, these shortcuts couldn’t be easier: they can all be done right in the omnibox (Chrome’s name for the URL/address bar). These “Tech in 20” videos explain each shortcut in under 20 seconds. You can also watch a playlist of all 3 videos here.

Make a QR Code for Any Site with 2 Clicks

Creating a QR code used to require using a generator or an extension, now you can make a QR code for any site with just two clicks. Just click in the omnibox, then click on the QR Code icon – that’s it.

The Easiest Way to Update Chrome

If you’re like most people you probably can’t remember where to click to check Chrome for updates, now you don’t have to. Just click in the omnibox, type “update chrome,” a Chrome action button will come up, click it and Chrome will immediately check for an update.

Clear Your Cache the Easy Way

Many common problems browser-based applications (like your LMS) can be resolved by clearing your cache. Now it’s easier than ever. Just click on the omnibox, type “clear cache,” and click on the “Clear Browsing Data” action button, and you’ll be taken to settings where you can clear your cache with one click.

What Are Your Favorite Chrome Shortcuts?

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